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She is a very nice, polite woman.

May Ashworth, an 86-year-old British woman, believed that search queries at Google were handled by human staffers. And so, she did what any considerate human being would do — bolstered her Internet questions with “please” and “thank you.”

Ashworth’s grandson Ben John was so charmed by the query he found on her computer last week (“please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you”) that he tweeted out a photo, which went viral.

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  • lolana

    I LOVE this

  • Mike

    I usually start mine with “WTF is ….

    • Suzanne McFly

      Well you are not a cute grandma lol.

    • whatthe46

      damnit, i can’t get this stupid smile off my face. that’s too funny.

      • amersham46

        Ran an internet cafe in the late 90s, older tourists (who grandchildren had set up emails for them) inquired about postage , so we had sheets of stamps printed with Bill Gates pic on them

        • whatthe46

          get out! lol

          • amersham46

            really , had a lot of older cruise ship customers thru , and the net was something new and strange

    • DogsRgoodpeople

      funny !

    • whatthe46

      i just showed this to my son. the grandsons tweet and yours and he died laughing.

      • Mike

        Only because it’s true and you guys do it too ….!

        • whatthe46


  • Mensa Member

    A person? That’s hilarious!

    Everybody knows The Internet is a program on your hard drive.