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The employment picture continues to improve during August.

Initial claims for unemployment fell to 262,000 for the week ending August 13, down 4,000 from the week before.

The result was marginally better than the analyst consensus, which had called for 265,000 claims.

However, the four-week moving average rose to 265,250, an increase of 2,500 from the previous week’s figure of 262,750.

The result also marked 76 continuous weeks of claims recorded below 300,000. A similar stretch has not been seen since 1970, according to the Labor Department.

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  • Larry Schmitt

    But I thought the “real” unemployment rate was 42%.

    • granpa.usthai

      actually, gas is $99.99 a gallon, but Obama is stealing oil from Russia through a secret ice tunnel and the Inuit are shipping it into New York at night in seal skin covered 6 oz. coke bottles in their kayaks! That’s why they close the statue of Liberty in the night time. Sos nobody can take pictures of them and catch Obama stealing Russian oil and selling it cheaper to America’s gas stations!

      • Larry Schmitt

        So how long have you worked for Alex Jones? He couldn’t come up with a more convoluted conspiracy theory.

      • bpollen

        Do they like it? Of course, they’re really Inuit!

        Bad bpollen, what did I tell you about puns?

  • granpa.usthai

    Obama is only doing this for his legacy!

    just like the fuel prices!!!

    you get the fuel prices back up and you’ll see the unemployment figures rise too!


    you think America should sink to prosperity for ALL – just to make the 1st Hawaiian POTUS look good?

    just think how embarrassing this is to WHITE RACIST and their wealthy WHITE

    it shames a WHITE god of America!

    vote for trump, the gop candidate for POTUS who will make god PROUD to be a WHITE American again!

  • Tommie

    Hannity: “But they are not counting those who gave up looking for jobs, those aren’t good paying jobs and those jobs are only part-time.” Sometimes I wish I could call in and tell Hannity to tell his peeps to stop outsourcing jobs and hiring illegals to save a buck and start looking out for all Americans! Then I would tell him to stop his Black “outreach” since they only care about us every 4 years and then hang before he responds, so he can see what it is like when he does that to people who are making sense!

  • Snick1946

    But..the economy is tanking and has been for eight years. Just ask your old uncle at the next family event.