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Yet another study shows almost no fraud exists in the way Republicans claim to substantiate their voter ID laws.

News21 analyzed cases of voter fraud between 2012 and 2016 in Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Kansas — states where GOP politicians have warned of potential voter fraud. The analysis found that while there were hundreds of allegations of voter fraud, only 38 were prosecuted successfully by the state’s attorney general’s office (however, other cases could have been litigated on a county level). Furthermore, none of the prosecutions involved the type of voter impersonation that would have been prevented by ID laws.

Rather, a third of the cases prosecuted had to do with non-voters, like poll workers and volunteers. Other prosecutions cited anecdotally by the News21 analysis involved fraudulent voting via absentee ballots, which is also not prevented by voter ID laws.

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  • Dwendt44

    Voter fraud, of course, isn’t the reason for these I.D. laws. It’s just an excuse to suppress the vote of likely Democratic voters. The elderly and the poor and the students, all of whom might have no photo I.D. or have a hard time getting one.
    All the while, saying nothing about ‘election fraud’ which is a favorite tactic of the Republicans. Rigged voting machines, scrubbing the voter rolls, short changing certain precincts of voting machines, sitting polling places in out of the way, hard to get to places off the bus or trolley routes, heavy police presents to discourage minority voters, the list goes on and on.

    • StoneyCurtisll


    • majii

      Married women are also negatively impacted by these laws because they must file provisional ballots, which may not be counted in vote totals, if the name on their birth certificate is different from the name on their drivers’ licenses.

  • amersham1046

    The modern Republican, solving problems than that only in their minds