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Matt Yglesias writes about why the race is as tight as it is.

…in a four-sided race, where the two lesser candidates aren’t receiving much scrutiny from the press or the campaigns, it tends to have the side consequence of pressing a lot of people to Johnson or Stein. The fact that there are two different third-party candidates in the race — one for people who think Clinton’s too left and one for people who think she’s not left enough — makes it really difficult to avoid bleeding voters.”

“If polls stay very tight or Trump pulls into a lead, then anti-Trump messaging to Johnson and Stein voters could take the form of classic warnings about spoilers and wasted votes. But the fact that Clinton has been consistently leading in the polls — and in August was doing so by a large margin — has itself undercut purely tactical arguments for voting Clinton. If she is overwhelmingly likely to win, which is what people have been hearing, then you may as well not vote for her if you don’t like her.”

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By: Alan

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  • Suzanne McFly

    Well Johnson is qualified to run in all 50 states now, so our votes have become that much more important.

    • bpollen

      “Has” qualified, but not “IS” qualified.

      “Mr. Johnson, what will you do about Aleppo?”
      “Huh? What’s Aleppo? “

      • Suzanne McFly

        He thought is was an acronym, like WTF?

        • bpollen

          I dunno what he thought. When I saw the video, I expected that his thoughts ran along the lines of “Aleppo colony?”

          • Suzanne McFly

            He was interviewed after and I heard him claim he thought it was an acronym. I thought he is just a sad little man trying to clean up the worst political flub for a third party candidate who is at 10%.

            • bpollen

              You know… he just looks stupider now.

              • Suzanne McFly

                That is what I thought also after I heard him say that. I think his “people” hoped it would be something people would accept as an excuse for not knowing what or where Aleppo is.

      • dogsRgoodpeople

        I watched the Libertarian Convention. He was the sanest among them all and he probably will get around 10% in the general, maybe more. We’ve got some dumb voters in this country, lots and lots of them.

        • bpollen

          I only saw some coverage, don’t have the patience for talk talk talk talk more talk talk talk….

          Yes, Johnson is the sanest of the bunch, but that’s a pretty low bar. He’s also supportive of the concept that government should only exist to provide for defense, and everything else should be left up to the – cough – “free” market.

        • Scott S

          The sanest among the insane.. he has absolutely no rational ideas and people voting for him might as well flush their vote right down the toilet.

      • amersham1046

        duh, as sauce the goes well with rigatoni

        • bpollen

          It’s so MANY things, your head will spin!

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  • Ned Nutley

    Even if Donald wins in Florida and Ohio, he’d still
    lose the election, the Don would have to win at
    the very least, 3 long standing Democratic states,
    the chances of that happening are slim to none,
    Donald has almost no road to 270 electoral votes,
    and as for Hillary, if she wins most of the long
    standing Democratic states plus PA. she wins with
    aprox. 273 electoral votes.