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Why should anyone be surprised! We should be SHOCKED that Donald Trump talks this way? We are suddenly grabbing our pearls because this choirboy has gone totally against his otherwise-pristine character?

Those who would never accept this language and behavior in any other candidate or human are fine with this? Then does he have to actually shoot someone on Fifth Avenue to lose support?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks if he were president he could have stopped Hurricane Matthew. But he’d probably have hurricanes named after himself, so there’d be no Matthew.

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By: Alan

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  • Foundryman

    How can anyone in their right mind continue to support and intend to vote for this slimy sleazeball? This man is the father of two daughters! How can a man talk this way about women when he has daughters? I can’t imagine how humiliated they must be right now. Trump himself is a deplorable, no one can say they don’t know what Hillary is talking about when she says his supporters are deplorable.

    • StoneyCurtisll

      Key words….
      “right minds”

    • crc3

      I think Rump has done the same thing to his daughters…

      • Gary Parillo

        He did admit to being old friends with the king of pedophiles,Jeffrey Epstein.

  • William

    As interesting as this story is, I think the response from the Trumpanzees will be infinitely more entertaining. Michelle Bachmann went on hardball and immediately explained away Trump and this latest story by referring to Hillary’s e-mails…seriously.

  • jybarz

    Deplorables don’t get shocked easily, kind of no brain, no pain.

  • Um Cara

    We should be SHOCKED that Donald Trump talks this way?

    We have his confession to sexual assault on tape. I understand your point, but it’s still shocking, even if the behavior is not unexpected.

  • Buford2k11

    this goes into the Depth of the man…this show us who he really is…with out a doubt…

    • Gary Parillo

      Sure you dont mean into the shallowness of the man?

      • Buford2k11

        he is shallow, but we have glimpsed into the depths of a really putrid person…those little personality traits that makes us that “complete person”…or “Id”…Trump is a very ugly person inside, and I would prefer to not to plumb those depths…

  • oldfart

    The point is no normal man would tolerate tRump gabbing their wife’s/daughter’s genitals
    The point is tRumps supporters are NOT normal.
    The point is there are not enough tRump’s supporters that can beat Hillary.
    The point is republicans are in trouble.
    The point is I’ll thank the Donald for destroying the republican party.

  • Gary Parillo

    If he by some twisted,horrible, twist of fate,was actually elected,do we think hes a smug.pompous a#@$e now? This would be nothing compared to how invinceable he would feel about himself at tbat point.He would have us involved in ww3 in one month.

  • Didn’t I just say this?

    • I knew it sounded familiar!