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There will be those who supported Donald Trump in good faith, saw that he was a horrible human being, and jumped off the bandwagon.

There will be those who didn’t support Donald Trump because they never could, regardless of how they feel about Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

And there will be those who stuck by Trump no matter how deplorable, anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic, abusive, fascistic, inane and insane he became because they lacked the basic decency and moral compass to do otherwise.

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By: Alan

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  • anothertoothpick

    We could call the third group the Wahhabi rightists.

    • Larry Schmitt

      True believers in any cause can’t explain their faith. It just is.

    • granpa.usthai

      we could also call on the FBI to arrest donald john trump if a first act of violence shows up in any USA jurisdiction area due to Hillary being elected POTUS 2016!

      • Gary Parillo

        “Incitement to violence” is a crime.Not only despot Don,but the most vocal right wing radio haters,who have been irresponsibly and continually alluding to,and even flat out calling for violence.There will be violence,I feel it coming in my old bones,but the law will need to prove the perpetrators of said violence were inspired by a particularindividual.With everything on tape,that should not be an impossibility.

  • Tommie

    Group #3 are just like the guy (Trump) they are following!

  • Roctuna

    If I were an investigative political journalist or a social science researcher I’d be chomping at the bit to get my hands on the detailed voting data. It will provide a precinct-by-precinct measure of the deplorable, anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic, abusive, fascistic, inane and insane demographic. No survey or traditional research study could possibly hope to duplicate such a detailed measure of the moral dregs of our society.

    • Valerietdurden2

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  • robert

    2 out of 3 above have no clue who to vote for if they actually know who donald is .

    No tax reports filed ( a 42yr record breaker ) and still falls in line with the rest ? Is it too late for mass deportations….

  • bpollen

    There will also be a few of the “We had an election?” variety.

  • The Original Just Me

    Then, there will be those who are waiting until Nov. 28 to Vote.

  • Budda

    That group of die hard Dump supporters have identified themselves as the real problem. That problem is frustration born out of stupidity. They just can’t comprehend how things work and it frustrates them horribly. They need to be watched….closely.