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Can you imagine if this were the case?

Imagine if it were Hillary Clinton who had had five children by three husbands, who had said it was fine to refer to her daughter as a “piece of ass,” who participated in a radio conversation about oral sex in a hot tub, who rated men based on their body parts, who showed up in Playboy soft porn videos.

Imagine if 15 men had accused Clinton of assaulting or violating them, with more stepping forward each day.

Imagine if Clinton had held a Mr. Teen USA pageant and then marched unannounced into the changing area to ogle the young bodies as some were naked and, after doing the same thing at a Mr. USA pageant, marveled on a radio show at what she was allowed to get away with.

Imagine if in a primary election debate Clinton had boasted that there’s “no problem” with the size of her vagina.

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By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • david7134

    Hillary did grope me in Arkansas in the 80’s and I can not get anyone to listen to my story and that pain I have felt since.

    • anothertoothpick

      Where you a TV weatherman back then?

    • anothertoothpick
    • William
    • wpadon

      Slapped you across the face is a more likely story.

      • david7134

        Now, I have made the same statement as the women against Trump and you don’t believe me, why do you believe them. Sure Trump is a vulgar guy. But Hillary is a liar, corrupt, crooked and incompetent and now clearly too ill for the job.

        • wpadon

          Perhaps the reason for believing the 9+ women due to the tape of Trump himself stating that he is entitled to grope strangers against their will. Clinton has not made that claim. Trump lies every time he speaks more than 3 sentences. Clinton does not use her charity for personal gain unlike Trump. Trump is a litigant in over 3,000 lawsuits dealing with fraud. Finally, Trump is Putin’s lackey.

        • Sniffles Trump “is a liar, corrupt, crooked and incompetent and now clearly too ill for the job.”

          BHO, HRC most honest politicians with 50 or more statements factchecked. Least honest is Donnie. Via nonpartisan Pulitzer Prize winner PolitiFact

        • bpollen

          You mean besides your posting history? You mean besides your claims that we shouldn’t believe those women, yet you say, with NO evidence to back it up, that Hillary is too ill to be able to do the job? Were you aware that pneumonia is curable? With something as common as antibiotics? That’s the ONLY health issue for which there is any proof.

          Let’s just say your credibility is found wanting… but your double standard is wrapped in neon.

        • fahvel

          you are a poster boy for stupid – an echo toy with no substance.

      • david7134

        Man, you second post was so flawed that it hurts. You don’t even know the origin of the lawsuits but are really going at it. Most of the suits are secondary to his casino operation and they are suits he has instituted against bad debtors. He has not lied about anything that I am aware of. But Hillary has lied big time to just about everyone. Take off the blinders. As for Maher, he is the guy that said Obamacare was going to give you free health care, so much for him.

        • wpadon

          How about Trump University.

          The Affordable Care Act has flaws, all major pieces of legislation needs additional work. Can you name any major legislation that has never been altered?

        • bpollen

          ” He has not lied about anything that I am aware of.”

          Says volumes about your “awareness” and how poorly it functions, but really has no impact on his proven lack of credibility. Here’s an example from this last week where he denies he tweeted what is STILL visible to call him a liar:

          Pants on fire time…

    • bpollen

      And THIS is the venue you choose to air your complaint? HAHAHAHAHA!

      Was that the LAST time a woman touched you too?

    • Bunya

      That is most definitely a lie. I know that because Trump hasn’t whined about it (ad nauseum) at the debates. But, I’m sure Trump will thank you for giving him more fodder (albeit false fodder) to throw at HRC.

  • Even those on Breitbart News Network didn’t fall for the below posters charade: “I need to know how to contact the MSM to tell my story.”-david7134. Loser!

    The power of the popular incumbancy:)

  • William

    Secretary Clinton is a church going woman who taught Sunday school, yet the evangelists for the most part support Trump.
    I am firmly convinced that most so called “evangelists” are simply Tea-billys hiding behind the Bible and wrapping themselves in the flag.

  • Mike

    I don’t know … it looks like she has Trump by the nutz right now …

  • robert

    Right now the trumpster is trying to get bill Cosby’s lawyer on the phone. It helps to get some advice from someone who’s been around the block a few times

  • Jimmy

    No Hill and Bill just kill people…