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The judge put a stop to how close clinics can be to public schools and to a ban on a procedure that ends pregnancies in the second trimester.

Judge Myron Thompson in the District Court for the Middle District of Alabama issued a preliminary injunction, ruling that the laws are likely to be found unconstitutional, according to online court records.

The school-proximity law bans clinics within 2,000 feet of a K-8 public school.

Thompson wrote the law would likely force the closing of clinics in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa, where the majority of abortions in the state are performed, causing an undo burden for women seeking an abortion and other services…

Thompson wrote that Alabama’s law restricting an abortion method commonly performed in the second trimester of a pregnancy, known as dilation and evacuation, also places an undue burden on women.

The law requires the doctor stop the heart of the fetus before abortion, an “inadequately studied, potentially risky procedure,” he wrote.

The restrictions come amid a wave of laws being adopted by states as conservatives seek to chip away at the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas law imposing strict regulations on facilities that perform abortions.

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  • Bunya

    Good. The evangelicals have been trying to equate Planned Parenthood with child molestation, and that’s just malicious.

  • Larry Schmitt

    Since they can’t overturn Roe v. Wade (yet) and they can’t pass a personhood law (yet) they try every end run around existing abortion laws to make it as difficult as possible for women to get abortions.

    • anothertoothpick

      The spotlight shining so strongly on ALEC, many Americans may not realize that ALEC isn’t the only organization of its kind. Another group that’s been responsible for plenty of alarming legislation is Americans United for Life — ALEC’s anti-choice cousin.

    • Lyndia

      I agree with you 100%. However, I would like to remind EVERYONE, not only do women get pregnant, but children and babies get pregnant, also. I was forced to have a baby at 15. During that time, it was NATURAL CHILD BIRTH, unless, there was something seriously wrong. I’ve read about 3 nine year olds that were raped and impregnated by members of isis. To young, to young, that is all I can say.

    • Bunya

      And if we elect mental defective like Mike Pence, those religious fanatics who think that life begins at your first hell-worthy dirty thought will get their wish and force women into back alleys again. This will be great for moonlighting shysters posing as doctors. No medical malpractice insurance required.

      • granpa.usthai

        hey! gotta look out for the republiCON brotherhood that flunks out of medical school, right?

  • Suzanne McFly

    We can’t get rid of these self-righteous types soon enough for me.

    • granpa.usthai

      especially when they are so closely related to a very ‘conservative christian’ P*SSY GRABBING THUG!

      • Suzanne McFly

        Complete hypocrisy, we can’t make this stuff up.

  • amersham1046

    Trying to drag another state into the 21st century