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WASHINGTON — Democrat Hillary Clinton enjoys an eight-point lead over Donald Trump in Florida, a key presidential battleground, according to a new survey, and that’s due in no small part to significant crossover support from 28 percent of early voting Republicans. The poll, by TargetSmart, a political data firm, and the College of William and Mary,…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Larry Schmitt

    Everything I’ve seen shows he has to win all the traditionally red states, plus all the battleground states. That’s not very likely.

    • DogsRgoodpeople

      I’m taking my ballot down today. She’s gonna take California for sure .For that reason I thought about going with Jill Stein as a protest of both party’s but , thought another vote against Trump was more important,hence voted Hillary. What took the most time actually was going through all the measures here in Ca.There are over 15.

      • arc99

        I also delivered my California mail in ballot to the county offices today. 1 vote for Hillary. If I were going to cast a protest vote, I would take the Peace and Freedom candidate Gloria Estella La Riva instead of Jill Stein.

        I was already irked at Stein over her unforgivable hypocrisy of criticizing human rights in this country while she was in Russia, sharing a dinner table with Vladimir Putin. That would be the same Vladimir Putin who threw Pussy Riot in prison.

        This commentary over at dailykos is causing me to look a lot more closely at future downballot Green candidates as well. I too am a California voter. I was quite proud that the city of Richmond elected and re-elected a Green mayor. But if this is the direction the party is taking, I may have to look at other options for a decidedly left wing political organization.

        Why Donald Trump is not as horrible as Hillary Clinton … and why you should vote for Jill Stein.

        UPDATE 2: Yes, the “Green” Party has Endorsed Trump Over Clinton

        • dogsRgoodpeople

          hmmm. thanks for enlightening me on that trump endorsement. i wasn’t aware of that. crazy.

  • anothertoothpick
  • jybarz


  • amersham1046

    Hillary has Florida, Trump can have Oklahoma

    • whatthe46

      well, any states that tRump wins is a clear indication on where not to travel. unfortunately, IF he wins texass, i’m fk’n stuck here. ahhhh

      • amersham1046

        I am still looking for a château near Troyes