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It’s a shame that a court would have to step in to tell a presidential campaign not to do this.

A U.S. judge in Ohio ordered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign on Friday not to intimidate voters, in a victory for Democrats who sought to prevent Election Day harassment in one of the nation’s most politically competitive states.

The order also deals a blow to a Trump-allied “exit poll” that aims to mobilize supporters to ask voters whether they had cast a ballot for the Republican real-estate mogul or Democrat Hillary Clinton.

On the campaign trail, Trump has said the election will be “rigged.” He has called on supporters to keep an eye on voting activity for possible signs of fraud in large cities.

Democrats declared the judge’s decision a victory, saying it would prevent Trump supporters from interfering with voters in one of the most competitive U.S. states during the Nov. 8 election.

“We’re pleased that the judge announced he will be issuing an order to prevent any harassment of voters along the lines that have been suggested by the Trump campaign,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said in a prepared statement.

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  • kita123

    And this man Donald Trump could become Pres Of US… How sad a judge has to force his campaign and team not to interfere with the basic Right of American’s to Vote without fear or intimidation…

    • amersham1046

      Its Donald’s way or the highway

  • amersham1046

    Is this election going to require UN supervision (the blue berets would drive the Tea Baggers right over the edge)

  • majii

    Trump and many of his supporters have the mindset that they’re above the law, so I can well imagine that some of his supporters will go right ahead and do what Trump has suggested that they do. When/if they get arrested, he will not pay their legal costs even though he has said that he would.

    • Hirightnow

      And yet, for all of these people’s faith in the Donald to stop corruption*, “drain the swamp”, “make America great again”,AND to look out for them as “the little guy”, liberals are the ones whom these people have claimed, for the past 8 years, held President Obama as the “messiah”…
      Projection, thy name is Tea Party.

      * what they perceive as corruption, at any rate

  • labman57

    Trump’s success in the election depends on several key factors:
    – Comrade Putin’s hackers delving into private communications among DNC officials and Clinton campaign staffers
    – Operatives within the FBI contributing to the rumor mill of the right wing blogosphere
    – Team Trump’s ability to motivate “patriotic citizens” to intimidate voters at precincts on election day

  • amersham1046

    Since when will the Trumpites obey a court oder,

    • The Original Just Me

      When the Judge tells them what they have to raise for Bail.