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A Florida high school teacher and golf coach was placed on leave after he allegedly threatened black students by saying, “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa.” John Sousa is a teacher at Wesley Chapel High School in the Tampa Bay area. According to Donnie Jones, Jr, the student’s father,…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • mea_mark

    Is America full of great hate again?

    • 80HD

      I’m not sure that this guy developed those feeling over night though.

    • Buford2k11

      yes it is…but it ain’t so great….I ran into a couple of Trumpers yesterday, and they told me if I didn’t like Trump I could “Go kill yourself, and save us the trouble later”…I thought I knew the folks around these parts…I am seeing the Trump effect….regular folks who knows better, have put social restraints aside, and have received permission by Trump and the republican party to do just what they are doing…retribution, revenge, and bullying…that is the GOP, this is what my neighbors support…this is why I am starting to conceal carry…this is scaring the shit out of me….

      • Warman1138

        Be careful and take care.

      • Bunya

        Where do you live? It sounds like they’re low-intelligent voters.
        I’m in Chicago, so we’re all democrats here. Of course we have some Trump supporters, but we don’t trash them or threaten them in any way.

        • Lyndia

          Bunya, there are plenty of low intelligent voters in Chicago. Look at mt. greenwood. Those people are, well, you know what they are. However, for the most part, Chicago is a democratic town. Getting back to mt. greenwood, I live 4 minutes from the neighborhood but I will not be going over there for chit again. No county fair store, no decola, no Olivia garden, no nothing. I knew they were a bunch of ignorant, racist, animals but they proven to be a bunch of coward heathens, too.

          • Bunya

            Of course most neighborhoods in Chicago are low intelligent voters, but the good guys held down the fort and the state went to HRC. By the way, I trust heathens and animals a hell of a lot more than I trust Christians. That’s because I’m a big advocate for equal rights.

            • Duke Woolworth

              How are you guys doing with those Aussie parking meters and the Skyway?
              You sure can vote in some dumbbells.

              • Bunya

                If you’re talking about the governor, then yes. Bruce Rauner is a real dumbbell. If you’re talking about Trump, that was all the fault of the RWNJ’s who just couldn’t stand the thought of a (GASP!) woman in the oval office.

          • Just Axin

            I got news for you – they don’t want you in Mt. Greenwood.

  • Warman1138

    They just can’t let it go……..hate, it’s a cancer of the soul.

  • Lyndia

    Sousa, has no place in a school, any school for that matter. He meant to say it and it was intended to be racist, because he is a racist. Now, with donald being the president elect, he is free to express his true sentiments. Hopefully, this sucker was placed on leave WITHOUT PAY. Let donald take care of him.