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… the kind that could land him in jail:

The Democratic Coalition has filed an FBI complaint against Trump Campaign Chairman Steven Bannon, which alleging that he violated a federal campaign finance law coordinating Super PAC activities with the Trump campaign, and receiving payments from it after becoming officially part of the Republican campaign.

Bannon’s recent appointment as a Senior White House Advisor has caused shock waves throughout American media for his alt-right connections and headlines from his Breitbart News outlet.

Bannon’s production company Glittering Steel LLC made “Clinton Cash” as an electioneering communication.

The Make America Number 1 PAC sent payments to Glittering Steel LLC in the amount of $950,090 during the 2016 primary and general election cycle until this September.

This spreadsheet contains lists all payments, with links to the corresponding public records.

The Federal Election Campaign Act is enforced by the FBI, whose first ever prosecution under the act concluded last year with a Virginia man being sentenced to 24 months in a plea bargain deal.

Here is what the Democratic Coalition ( wrote this morning concerning the complaint:

On Tuesday morning, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported Trump Senior Advisor and Former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to the FBI for breaking campaign finance law. Over the course of the Trump campaign, Bannon was paid $950,090 by pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Number 1, through his company Glittering Steel LLC, both before and after Bannon assumed his role as campaign CEO.

According to federal campaign finance law, it is illegal for Super PACs to coordinate operations with campaigns. Additionally, there is a 120-day “cooling off” period for when Super PAC employees leave to work on the campaign their PAC was supporting to avoid any potential coordination. Steve Bannon was paid by Make America Number 1 on August 8, 2016, and then became Trump campaign CEO on August 17, 2016, directly violating the 120-day cooling off period. Additionally, Bannon was paid by the PAC after he became campaign CEO, which likely means there was coordination.

Lest we forget: in addition to being the Grand High Altright Vizier at Breitbart News [sic] and an alleged wife-beater, Bannon is a media production character assassin:

The propaganda film “Clinton Cash” was written for the screen and produced by Stephen Bannon himself according to a Breitbart News report on August 12th, 2016, and it was presented by ‘Glittering Steel.’ Glittering Steel LLC is itself a Delaware LLC.

Breitbart also reported that Bannon was the Director of a Glittering Steel/Citizens United movie about a controversial reality television star from Duck Dynasty.

And look who else is in the brown sauce!

Keep The Promise I PAC was started as a pro-Ted Cruz PAC and later changed its name [to Make America Number 1 PACand support to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway ran the Keep the Promise I PAC earlier this year, and Politico reported that she earned a handsome profit for her work in October.

Make America Number 1 PAC sent most of the payments to Glittering Steel LLC at 8383 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000, Beverly Hills, Ca.

This ought to throw an already chaotic presidential “transition” into further disarray.

As a certain other web site is wont to say, developing hard…

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  • oldfart

    Mmm, Juicy !

  • Donnie has these same recurring FEC campaign frauds by Corey Lewindowski, Kellyanne Conway, and Anti-Semite Bannon was paid $950,090 by pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Number 1, through his company Glittering Steel LLC, both before and after Bannon assumed his role as campaign CEO.

    According to federal campaign finance law, it is illegal for Super PACs to coordinate operations with campaigns. Additionally, there is a 120-day “cooling off” period.
    Book’em Dano!

    • Dwendt44

      But having THEM pay those campaign workers, there’s more money left in the campaign kitty for T rump to keep for himself. Last I read, he was up $10 million, but that was a while ago. All those ‘loans’ he made to the campaign are now ‘due’ and payable.

  • fahvel

    were these people always there waiting for the likes of dull orange or did dull go out looking around outhouses in rural alabama to find them?

    • whatthe46

      they’ve always been pals boo.

  • Duke Woolworth

    By the time this is adjudicated and appealed, it’ll be the next administration.

    • whatthe46

      how many billions have been spent already because of racist vandalism, lawsuits, city and state, this is only the beginning.

  • Hirightnow

    Are there emails?
    Because America wants emails.
    OOOH! I know! Tell people that this comes from Wikileaks!

  • Suzanne McFly

    How was he going to drain the swamp when it was him and his “team” who created the swamp? Every day that goes by, I realize how much smarter and empathetic Hillary voters are.

  • Budda

    Let’s see if the media pick this up and run with it.

  • Mean Baby Gene

    All I hear is more crying. This is going nowhere, typical smear job by sniveling, diseased liberals.

    You lost, get over it.

    Such crybabies.

    • dave-dr-gonzo

      All I see is another arrogant Trumpfluffer who does not believe in the rule of law.

      Oh – and by the way, Trump LOST the popular vote; by the time all the votes are counted, the number is likely to exceed a million. Ironic, isn’t it, that the sniveling Donald was complaining “The systen is rigged” against him when in fact it is rigged against the majority of voters.

      I like that “diseased” line. Same sort of language Stalin’s followers and German brownshirts would use to tar those they hated. Fascist much lately?

      • Mean Baby Gene

        The popular vote is inconsequential.

        No, it’s not the Verizon map, it’s the LARGE MAJORITY of the country who said no to this hateful ideology being pushed by your Soros-led left.

        It still begs the question…can you hear us now?

        • dave-dr-gonzo

          Here’s a better map of the 2016 prez race totals as of 1AM this morning, adjusted for population density, from the conservative Culpepper Foundation. 1.7% more blue than red.

          “Strict geographical maps can be deceptive as they do not account for population density.” – Frank Luntz, Republican pollster

          • Mean Baby Gene

            Oh I get it so I’m gonna take your word, a random on the Internet over every major media news network that reported the map that I posted.

            Btw, that’s not what the USA looks like.

            • dave-dr-gonzo

              What part of “adjusted for population” don’t you understand?

              • Dwendt44

                The four syllable word.

            • dave-dr-gonzo

              Also, the Wall Street Journal used the population-adjusted map. Oh, right, they’re just another socialist rag.

              You can cut the attitude here, Sparky. Final warning.

              • Mean Baby Gene

                Warning? For having “attitude” on a message board.

                This is rich.

                • dave-dr-gonzo

                  You were warned. Don’t let the door hitcha where Cthulhu splitcha.

                • oldfart

                  Stick around sparky, I’m really curious what the other brain cell has to say.

        • oldfart

          Winning may have made you happier but it obviously hasn’t made you any smarter.
          We’ve heard your crying, whining and threatening 2nd amendment remedies for 8 years.
          Do you like seeing pictures with your words ?
          Do try to post newer ones more often they get boring after a while.

        • oldfart

          That picture suggests that republican controlled state legislatures
          appears to be effective in dumbing down it’s population everywhere but it’s cities. you know…the majority populations centers.

  • William

    Geez I hope they hold off long enough to let the alcoholic Breitbart jockey get in there and do some real damage. The Democratic party needs to back off. The best way to get rid of an obnoxious clown who thinks he’s a soldier, is to give him a grenade to play with.