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I’d like to thank the powers that be at Twitter for finally suspending some of the most odious and prominent voices of white supremacy on the Internet — after the election. As if somehow it matters now. USA Today reports that Twitter suspended some of the most high-profile white supremacist accounts Tuesday. Twitter on Tuesday removed…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • anothertoothpick

    Did they suspend Pumpkin Head?

  • Larry Schmitt

    But, but, freedom of speech!

  • Larry Schmitt

    Hey numb nuts, they own the site, they’re not a government agency, they can boot your sorry racist ass any time they want to. Try reading the Terms of Service next time.

    • oldfart

      Gotta love that free market system. ;)

    • Hirightnow

      This “reading” you speak of…it intrigues me. Do explain!

  • Budda

    Twitter is part and parcel of the’media’…and the media needs to start getting it right. This attempt to show all opinions as equal is wrong and they need to stop.

  • oldfart

    “It’s only unfortunate that Twitter has taken this action now, when it makes little difference to our ongoing national nightmare”.

    I don’t know about anybody else BUT at this point…
    I’ll take whatever I can get .

    • Larry Schmitt

      It’s just too bad that so many people get all their news from places like twitter and facebook, where it’s essentially thrown in your face, instead of actively looking for it. And they can’t differentiate between “real” news and “fake” news. I still don’t think you can blame facebook, it’s the fault of their lazy audience.

      • StoneyCurtisll


      • StoneyCurtisll

        the sad part is they actually believe that the real media, not social media, is bullshit…
        They will believe anything they see of FB or Twit before they will trust any other of the hundreds of established media sources..

  • StoneyCurtisll

    No one has taken their “free speech” rights away…
    They still have the right to stand on a street corner with a sandwich board shouting what ever nonsense they desire…
    But they do not have the right to do that on social media sites..