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This is how he’s spending his time.

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By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • meherenow

    It is the 21st Century version of Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat. But we can call it the Bedside Tweet now. And really, if it wasn’t for Donald Trump’s tweets, I wouldn’t have a clue about what is going on on SNL.

    • StoneyCurtisll

      If I was Trumpf, I would be busy spooning with Malania, and my hands would not be holding a cell phone..

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Ah no Donald, you do not get equal time for a skit on SNL…
    First of all there is no longer an equal time requirement on radio or television for political programming..
    And second, SNL is not broadcasting company, it’s a fugging television comedy show.

    • Suzanne McFly

      Amazing how a proven racist, sexist, bigot who claims to be a billionaire constantly complains about being victimized.

      • StoneyCurtisll

        Ya know, I almost feel sorry for him……NOT~!

    • The Original Just Me

      OUR White House is going to be a Comedy Show with T Rump in it.

  • William

    The Donald wants equal time with a comedy show? Really?
    How Presidential.

    • The Original Just Me

      T Rump would have to climb up about three levels to get to being a Comic.

  • William
    • The Original Just Me

      T Rump AKA The AssO .

  • The Original Just Me

    WHERE’S PALIN ????? This is HER WORLD.

  • robert

    That’s right donald All sitting presidents get equal time on SNL

    It’s in the Constitution

  • labman57

    Donnie plans to record all of the late night talks shows so that he count the number of jokes about him and his team … and then tweet his outrage, demanding equal time.

    Of course, then he’ll need to send his goons to every comedy club in America to do the same.

  • Bite-My-Bippy

    The White House Morning Cheer:

    Toughen up Butter Cup
    Got Big Boy panties
    Pull them up!

  • Mike

    Please don’t tell me we’re looking at four years of this…

    • Willys41

      It’s like having a 12 year-old in the house who won’t shut the F up.

      • whatthe46


      • fahvel

        is that the “frig” or just plain old fk?

        • Willys41

          “Frig” is way too politically correct for me.

  • Willys41

    Glad the PRESIDENT-ELECT is busy getting ready for his new job.

    Excuse me while I go vomit.