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This is how the president-elect is spending his time.

Trump continued to attack Hamilton on Saturday evening, tweeting and deleting another comment directed at the show’s cast.

“Very rude and insulting of Hamilton cast member to treat our great future V.P. Mike Pence to a theater lecture. Couldn’t even memorize lines!” Trump wrote in a tweet posted at 7:32 p.m. ET on Saturday night. The missive was soon deleted without a comment or explanation from the president-elect.

Trump earlier claimed the Hamilton cast had “harassed” Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who attended Friday night’s performance of the hit musical and was spoken to from the stage by Aaron Burr actor Brandon Victor Dixon.

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By: Alan

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  • Budda

    His tweets show exactly what a small, petty insecure derp he is.

    • Derpity-derp.

      • mea_mark

        From #Derp45.

  • anothertoothpick

    The cast used their first amendment rights to remind him that his administration is for all the people.

    This is not just a white nation.

  • Suzanne McFly

    He needs a secretary of diapers. He is such a whiny little b!tch.

  • fay9169

    The cast should not have verbally assaulted an audience member. Really, what I think happened, is that the owners of the theater told the flunky to publicly berate and film Pence and his family. The flunky, Dixon, said for the audience to capture it on their cellphones…..this was so it could prove they didn’t welcome Mr. Pence and his family….so the mob outside wouldn’t vandalize the building.

    • StoneyCurtisll

      You came all the way from Breitbart to spew that nonsense?
      Who put that crazy conspiracy theory in your mind?

      • fay9169

        Wait till it happens to you, then you’ll understand. I can’t believe how cold-hearted you people are….it’s unreal..

        • StoneyCurtisll

          “you people”?
          “it’s unreal”?
          What is unreal is your delusional conspiracy theories and the stench you brought with you from Breitbart…
          Stay in the cesspool of the alt-right/white supremacist media where to belong…
          You bring a foul odor every where you go…

        • Red Mann

          Yet you’re a Not-so-Bright-bart fan, part of a disgusting, noxious, vile, lying commentariat, you totally have cranial-rectal inversion. Loser.

    • William

      “The cast should not have verbally assaulted an audience member”

      Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha. Assault? Really? That’s not assault. THIS is assault. Do you think the world is going to simply forget that heading up this incoming, albeit short lived administration is a pervert who assaults women, and even brags about it in great detail?

      Yeah go ahead and whine about “verbal assault” it fits your party to a T.

      Support someone who sexually assaults women than cry over someone else sayin mean things.

      Poor baby.


    • The cast member changed two lines – two within the arc of the play to make a point. You lnow the play, one about how immigrants came to this country to escape persecution and dicrimination. See how that works?

      • fay9169

        So what does that have to do with the Pence family paying to go see a Broadway show? Here’s what I really think–the playwrite was an avid Hillary supporter. He’s mad because he looked like a fool when she lost the election, after he thought she had it in the bag. He was taking his anger out on the Pence family…shaming them out of his theater. How professional was that?

        • Well, they playwrite was not in the cast, Manuel Lin Mirenda left the show a couple of months ago. This statement made was by the actor that took his role in the play. The statement addressed Pence’s stance on gays and gay conversion therapy and the fear that non-whites feel in this country.
          The article never mentions anything about the family paying for their tickets.

    • Larry Schmitt

      Would you like to borrow a dictionary? Actually you don’t even need to. Google “verbal assault,” read the story, and then see if your original post fits.

      • fay9169

        They harangued him and his family as they attended the theater play. It was known beforehand that the Pence family would be attending. The writer of the play instructed his lead actor to recite the lines at the end, directing them to Mr. Pence. The actor told the audience to take thir cellphones out and record what he was saying…the Pences walked out amidst all that….they were literally booed and hissed out the door….can you possibly imagine what that felt like? Guess not.

        • Budda

          Ya know, maybe they deserved the boos

          • fay9169

            Probably not.

            • He has heard a lot of boos in his career.

      • fay9169

        My original post fits. You’re going off-topic.

        • Larry Schmitt

          You’re the one who called it verbal abuse. That makes it the topic.

          • fay9169

            Yep! That’s what I called it–verbal abuse…verbal assault, I mean….I felt li!e the Pence family were figuratively held up and assaulted. They couldn’t walk away freely, unless they were verbally hectored–for being there. Think whatever you want. Mince all the words you want. Hopefully you got my point.

    • What th–?

  • The tragedy is national disgrace Donnie doesn’t even type. He shouts & some floozy types: ‘Couldn’t even memorize lies.’-turd45.

  • anothertoothpick

    Just imagine how much harder it is going to be now to get tickets to see this magnificent play.

    • Larry Schmitt

      It’s sold out till September 2017 anyway.

  • William

    Sure, he’s not going to last long. He’s doing every thing he can to get impeached before he even takes the oath. ..but dang you have to admit, he’s Coyote, Roadrunner grade entertaining.

  • labman57

    Trump continues to be more thin-skinned than a spring roll.

    Rather than rebutting the claims made by his critics, he instead attacks the critic’s character and credentials, resorting to his standard banal repertoire of petty insults — overrated, loser, disgrace, disaster, etc.

  • William
  • amersham1046

    If you step into the public spotlight don’t complain if you do not like the reception