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It’s unclear just where this relationship will land.

Distrust and ill feelings are held on both sides, and no one is predicting the acrimony that characterized the final months of the presidential campaign will disappear.

At the same time, Trump in his Tuesday meeting with reporters and editors at The New York Times offered an olive branch, acknowledging that he’s a longtime reader and pledging a willingness to develop a professional working relationship.

“I would like to turn it around,” Trump said. “I think it would make the job I am doing much easier.”

Trump’s words may do little to assuage the press’s fears.

White House reporters are worried about access to Trump, who didn’t allow reporters on his campaign plane and ditched media staking out Trump Tower last week to have dinner with family at New York’s 21 Club.

The president-elect’s frequent threats to the press have added to a sense that the rules for covering this White House might be different.

“Every incoming president has basic, generally agreed upon rules of the road,” said Joe Lockhart, who served as White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton.

“The Trump team has decided they’ll blow up and the road and build a new one. Where it goes from here will be a test of how far the new president and his team want to push things, and the strength and will of the press to push back.”

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  • anothertoothpick
    • Tommie


  • Buford2k11

    Look……trump used the Putin Playbook of how to overthrow governments, without firing a shot…He will not stop using that playbook now…part of the plan is to rid himself of a pesky, question asking press, and replace it with his own media/press/propaganda…step Three in the Book…I may be over stating some things, but look closely at some of the things going on around the European countries….Putin is behind much of the unrest….and he is winning…

  • Larry Schmitt

    He’s already shown that he only wants favorable press coverage. Anyone who says mean things about him is “dishonest, unfair, and failing.” He wants a TASS-type media. Even Fox wouldn’t put up with that indefinitely.

  • Suzanne McFly

    I seen this today on FB and it scared the hell out of me. If you hate pence, listen to Keith Olbermann explain how he could take over with help from the establishment….

    • eyelashviper

      Pence and the Basket of Deplorables don’/t need to remove tRump, they just need to keep him distracted with tweet wars, rallies, and other superficial stuff, while they forge their own disastrous policies into reality..

      • anothertoothpick

        We should try not to offend the righties.

        Otherwise they might do something stupid like getting a mad man elected president.

        Next time it could be Honey Boo Boo.

        • StoneyCurtisll


        • eyelashviper

          Honey Boo Boo would be a big step up.

          • anothertoothpick


  • labman57

    So how long before Donnie loses it completely and tries to federalize the entire news media industry?

  • pinballsdoll

    They should just say screw it, and not cover him at all between now and “gasp” the inauguration