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Ted Cruz says Republicans better do what they say they’d do.

‘I’ve got to say, if we don’t, if we’re given the White House and both houses of Congress and we don’t deliver, I think there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets,’ the Texas Republican told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s ‘This Week.’ ‘And I think quite rightly,’ Cruz added.

Cruz said he believed that Trump’s electoral vote win, along with the Republicans holding onto the Senate, a challenge, and the House, a given, was a ‘mandate’ for conservative change.

‘This election was a mandate for change. It astonished everyone. It astonished the pundits, it astonished the pollsters and it was an overwhelming mandate,’ Cruz said. ‘It was over 300 electoral votes.’

Cruz pointed to Trump’s extraordinary wins in the formerly blue Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa and New Hampshire.

‘We have a mandate for change,’ he repeated. ‘And Republican have been given the opportunity, we’ve been given control of the White House, of every executive branch and both houses of Congress.’

‘We can’t blow it, we have got to deliver,’ he said.

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  • Jungle_Bhoy

    First thing you invest in is education in simple arithmetic – because you were hammered – crushed – by the popular vote. NOT EVEN CLOSE! So where is your mandate?

  • StoneyCurtisll

    Donald Trump did everything but bang Ted Cruz’s wife live on TV..
    And Ted Cruz called Donald Trumpf every name in the (good book)..
    And now spineless Cruz is supporting Trumpf?..
    Even after accusing Old man Cruz of trying to assassinate president Kennedy…
    This is how low the GOP will go to grasp onto power…
    They will feed upon themselves.

  • Suzanne McFly

    Here is a great opinion article, it is a quick read…

    • whatthe46

      of course they are…

    • Mister Atoz

      Great article. I loved Abraham Lincoln’s quote. Thanks for linking to it.

      • Suzanne McFly

        You’re welcome

    • Bunya

      Excellent article. I must say I have more respect for those who made blatantly racial remarks. At least you KNOW they’re racists. Those who disguise their bigotry by saying things like, “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.”, He’s coming for your guns ‘n ammo”, and “He’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood” or “He’s the founder of ISIS.” are nothing more than closeted racists, too chicken to admit their hatred.

      • Suzanne McFly

        I agree, nothing is worse than a racist who refuses to admit to his own failings. I am always looking for ways I can better myself, how can you have a fault like that and refuse to acknowledge it? They are miserable people who live miserable lives.

  • amersham1046

    The GOP will need to temper their craziness to keep the RINOs on board, if they get too loopy they will lose control of he Senate

  • Willys41

    Probably it just indicates that republicans are doing a better job at election fraud and cheating and lawbreaking.

  • bpollen

    How can you tell if you have Ted Cruz at the end of your pitchfork?

    He oozes between the tines.

  • mea_mark

    #Derp45 ain’t going to deliver what the trumpites want. This might get interesting, the liberals and the conservatives may both get mad as hell at the orange one. Pitchforks and torches for everyone.

  • amersham1046

    The GOP promised the moon , now they are going to turn around , drop their boxers and give America the moon

    • granpa.usthai

      seems like the GOP had both houses and the White House before?

      • Ned Nutley

        And not much changed.

    • Ned Nutley

      Our next Democratic nominee will be saying MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,
      and it will seem like that just to be able to get back to where we are now!

  • Dcbos

    yep; unless they completely destroy our Democracy the Oligarchs will send more paid thugs to take over.; there fixed it.

  • William
  • oldfart

    That is so 20th century Ted.
    The people, who put you and your ilk into office and whom your party IS going to let down,
    now prefer to use 21st century, 2nd Amendment remedies…

  • crc3

    Cruz has no clue what a mandate is much less anything else. He’s a small brained hypocrite….