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TRENTON — Nearly three weeks after Donald Trump celebrated a stunning victory on Election Day, the rancorous 2016 presidential race has suddenly been resurrected. On Friday, Green Party nominee Jill Stein filed for a recount of the election results in Wisconsin — one of the key states that helped Trump, a Republican, score an upset over…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • amongoose

    Could it overturn the results, unlikely, however, there is a scenario that would make Kaine the V.P.

  • Dwendt44

    Then again, many thought that T rump winning was also at around 1%.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    But, but, but…..
    “The election is rigged’…
    Donald trumps own words…
    “I will abide by the results of the election, if I win”…(paraphrasing) Donald Trump..

  • mea_mark

    The results don’t need to be overturned. If there is evidence that the votes were manipulated and the true outcome is unknown, then doubt can be cast on the whole process which might influence how the electoral college votes. America needs a president that is going to bring the people together. The electoral needs to consider that and realize that neither Trump or Hillary is going to do that. The members of the electoral college really need to consider voting for none of the above for president.

    • trees

      The only ones casting doubt on the process are those refusing to accept the result.

      Saying, “Hillary really won”, doesn’t make it true.

      • whatthe46

        that would be your racist hero tRump crying on twitter about losing. well, he has a problem with the votes and why he lost so badly, it hasn’t happened in 192 years. since he’s contesting the votes he lost by, i think it only fair that we continue the recount. fraud in WI has already been found on behalf of the racist bastard.

        • trees

          I guess you can hope for change…


        • fahvel

          nice phrase, “racist bastard”.!!!!!!

      • fahvel

        and some vp babbling about an invisible dude in the sky don’t make it true neither. (love playing with american grammar)

    • amongoose

      Looks like the recount overturning the results or even sending it to the House and Senate are over. Pennsylvania requires a court ordered recount based on evidence of fraud.

      Jill Stein posted to her Jill2016 website that she had raised enough money to “file” for a recount in Pennsylvania. However, the Green Party candidate left out some key details about the filing of recounts in Pennsylvania that many of her supporters likely would have wanted to know before donating. For example, candidates cannot file a direct request for a recount in the state and instead must appeal the election in court.

      • mea_mark

        I don’t think they knew that when they decided to try a recount. Time was of the essence so they acted as quickly as possible. There is also a disclaimer that states the money will be used for promoting and insuring election integrity and transparency. The intentions are good despite the slandering going on. Her staff has also been asking people for help on this because they didn’t have a big enough staff to do all the work fast enough.

        • amongoose

          They should have looked at recall laws first, before announcing filing, and asking for money, makes them look sloppy at best.
          Election integrity is an issue that I agree with her needs to be addressed. I don’t like machine only voting, no safeguards, no way to check for fraud except by total number of votes cast, or illegal votes.
          If election reform comes out of this, great, otherwise it was just someone blowing smoke to get attention. If your going to complain about something as my dad used ta say, “show me how ta fix it, or shut up”.

          • mea_mark

            Time was of the essence. Deadlines were approaching, there wasn’t time.

  • trees

    All together now libs…

    “We really won!!!, we really won!!!, we really won!!!”



    No, you didn’t.

    But, rant and rave anyway…

    It’s what you do.

    • whatthe46

      you sound concerned. LOL even the repubs are telling the EC to not cast their votes for tRump. while tRump is having a sh!t storm on twitter about losing the popular votes in a landslide. so you see we didn’t lose. actually if they give him the votes, you and your ilk loses.

      • trees

        I find you left wing hypocrites amusing.

        You would steal the election, if you could.

        • bpollen

          I find right-wing trolls deplorable. You whitey-righties TRIED to steal the election with voter suppression (ENTIRELY DONE BY THE R PARTY!) Hillary STILL got more votes.

        • fahvel

          there are times when wisdom should say, shut the fk up, bit then the word wisdom would be demeaned a pro po you.

        • robert

          Trump has already made the blueprints on how to steal an election or should I say “rig ”

        • Bunya

          Talk about the pot calling the kettle black… A hypocrite accusing others of being hypocrites.

    • granpa.usthai

      then why is donald’s crew working with the UN to disarm all private citizens under their domain?

      might be the orange coward leader of the scared angry white people is just a wee bit afraid?

    • fahvel

      the only possible reason for anyone/thing to want rump to be pres would be to see the likes of you shrivel in the fog of the loons inability to function as a human. Yup, you won doofus and sadly you will reap all the benefits of a failing govt.

  • Red Eye Robot

    Trump won Michigan by 10,700 votes. Between 1987 and 1997 Michigan averaged 35,000 abortions a year. 350,000 potential voters. If just a tiny portion had been able to vote for Hillary.

  • Red Eye Robot

    Trump won Wisconsin by 22,500 votes. Between 1987 & 1997 approximately 150,000 abortions were performed in Wisconsin. The 19-29 demographic overwhelmingly votes Democrat. Abortion caused Hillary’s loss.

    • whatthe46

      your ignorance is showing. if you think abortion is something to make light of, then you’ve proved what we’ve all known here. you are a pathetic waste of oxygen. you think a 10 y/o little girl being raped and become pregnant deserves your filthy opinions? fuck you you stupid bitch.

      • Hirightnow

        I have to agree with Carla, here, whatthe…please tone it down a notch with the language; we’re BETTER than them, remember? Use asterisks, or clever phrasing (“Self sex yourself, she-dog!”?)

        • whatthe46

          got it. but, that really ticked me off. abortion like rape isn’t something women WANT to happen. and to make light of it is stupid.

          • Hirightnow

            I know, and I despise those who think either situation is all on “women”.
            But just try to bring your derision up a notch.
            Respond with “Bless your heart” to those fools.
            Use my late brother’s favorite line; “As long as you have yourself convinced…”
            Just…try to be judicious in your use of insults; I cannot, in good self conscience, ban these idiots for insulting other users if I don’t hold those other users to the same standards.
            I like you, and you have heart, but as a favor to me, please take a step back before you post literally the same thing we’re all thinking, eh?

            • whatthe46


              • Hirightnow

                Thank you so much.
                Get back to taking the right wing to task!

  • trees

    And if libs had run Biden they’d have won easily.


    • bpollen

      I’m not aware that such a possibility has been proven. Have a source? Or is it just more BS like what you usually spout? Claims about what liberals would do… as if liberals are a single group that consults with you. They tell ya their innermost feelings and plans and dreams, do they? Make sure you’re read in on their most secretest secret plans for world domination?

      Show the facts that support your last two claims about liberals: that they would steal the election if they could and they would have won if they had run Biden. Any schlemiel can claim any meshuga thing they want. But serious consideration for claims requires data to support it.

      • trees

        Show the facts that support your last two claims about liberals: that they would steal the election if they could

        Don’t spend much time reading liberal blogs, do you? It’s all liberals talk about…

        They refuse to recognize the results of this election and are looking for ways to de-legitimize the President elect.

        They absolutely would steal the election, if they could….

        As for Biden. Ya got me there, I hafta admit…

        No way he wins either.

        • bpollen

          Funny, I read some liberal blogs, and am not aware of this goal of STEALING the election. I DO hear complaints about the popular vote vs. the electoral college. But your “It’s all liberals talk about” must be untrue because I read some liberal blogs and they talk about OTHER things too. If what you say was actually factual, there would be NO discussion here about ANY OTHER SUBJECT. And when I go to the main page of THIS site where you make the spurious claim that liberals ONLY talk about STEALING the election, I find that there are NUMEROUS other things that are covered.

          You just like to make bullshit claims about “liberals” and reality and truth are not a barrier to your claims. Kinda like your Mendacious Messiah (“Millions voted illegally” and “Mexicans bused in to vote”)

          Pretty pathetic when the site you are on disproves your claim about what “liberal” blogs ONLY talk about. And even your own statements MAKING the damn claim contradict your claim. Delegitimizing the president is OBVIOUSLY not about stealing the election. We just went through 8 friggin’ years of delegitimizing the president. Is that all that whitey-righties talked about for the last 8 years – that they wanted to steal the election? So “Obama is a Muslim/Unamerican/Kenyan/Socialist/ Communist/Fascist/Monkey/Colonial-minded/Gay/al Qaeda and ISIS belonging/Dictator/Usurper/Lizard Overlord” was in order to steal the election?

          You show you don’t understand the meaning of the word delegitimize. Transitive verb – to diminish or destroy the legitimacy, prestige, or authority of.

          Don’t understand the English language and pretend to be a Krazy Kreskin or Nostradumbass and make claims you couldn’t possibly know to be true.

          I can claim that all brownshirts like you want slaves. I have as much proof that ALL want that as you have for your claims about ALL liberals.

        • Bunya

          You mean like how Dubya stole the election back in 2000? Funny you should say that about democrats. Project much?

  • Willys41

    Overturned? Not at all. “Corrected.”

  • Willys41

    Right-wing republican fanatics are always at their most desperate when getting called for their cheating and law-breaking. It’s because that’s all they’ve got. Well, that and violence and threats of violence. And smears and lies too.

  • eyelashviper

    Article by one of the computer experts on election fraud. The thread has some interesting data as well, including info about precincts in WI where voter participation was over 100%, a clear sign of something terribly wrong.

  • Foundryman

    The entire campaign Trump ran was given a next to zero chance. But here he is. The fact that a majority of the people who voted, voted against Trump clearly shows the need for a recount. They have every right to know for certain if they were illegally disenfranchised.
    The recount should be expanded to SC, FL and OH. The electoral college vote should be delayed.

    • trees


      The election was/is valid.

      No one had an issue until Trump won.

      Do I need to post verbatim what Clinton stated about the electoral process?

      I think I probably do….

      Hillary Clinton hammered GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday for refusing to say he’d accept the results of the presidential election next month.

      “This poses a direct threat to our democracy,” Clinton, the Democratic nominee, said during a rally with her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), in Philadelphia.

      Clinton remarked that while she has lost elections and “you don’t feel good the next day,” that “we have always had a peaceful transfer of power.”

      “That’s the difference between democracy and dictatorship. That is the difference between the rule of law and the rule of strong men,” she said.

      She called on her supporters to demonstrate that “the United States is bigger than Donald Trump.”

      President Obama, Vice President Biden and other top Democrats have slammed Trump after he declined to say in the third presidential debate of 2016 whether he’d accept the election results.

      • Foundryman

        Do you want me to post verbatim what Trump said about the rigged election?

      • whatthe46

        you forget tRump said he wouldn’t accept a loss. we’ll guess what, when you have more votes for him than ballots counted, we have a problem. what are you afraid of? how you like your new swamp by the way. you bitched about goldman but, tRump picked him. hope you won’t be needing SS anytime soon as that’s going to get cut. hope you won’t need medicare anytime soon, as that’s being cut as well. i guess you don’t have any family members including children with any diseases that rely on ACA as they will now NOT receive any healthcare and will just die.

    • 5,000 Faux trump votes in 3 WI counties proves why; The thing is, Trump was the one screaming about a rigged election-RICO The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act incarcerates Greedy Oil Pigs forever.

  • whatthe46
  • Foundryman

    The democrats should file a lawsuit with the supreme court, (all eight of them) asking the electoral college vote be delayed until Trump can prove it wasn’t rigged. He claimed it was hundreds of times so what did he know? If it wasn’t rigged, what else did he lie about?