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The idiot who yelled “Hillary bitches” will never fly Delta Airlines again.

…according to an internal memo obtained by CNBC.

“He will never again be allowed on a Delta plane,” the memo says.

“Donald Trump baby! That’s right, this man knows what’s up. We got some Hillary bitches on here,” the man said in a video that was shared on Facebook and has been viewed over 2 million times.

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  • labman57

    Look for him to be invited by the staff of FOX & Friends so that they can voice their indignation over the man’s Freedom of Speech being violated.

    • whatthe46

      i read Delta’s statement and the only line that pissed me off was that in it, it states that the employees didn’t witness the asshole having an ignorant meltdown. pleeeze. he was in the middle of the aisle and shouting.

      • anothertoothpick

        And what about the so called air Marshals?

        Not only that but

        If the Delta crew did not see him in the middle of the aisle they should be fired on the spot.


        • whatthe46

          tRump supporters. remember the 2 stewardess that dismissed 2 doctors on 2 separate occasions. on 2 separate flights, there was a passenger in need of medical attention and in both cases the 2 that came forward to help were black female doctors, they were told NO to their request to help because, of course there’s no such thing as black doctors let alone females. i will never fuckin’ fly Delta!

          • anothertoothpick

            Oh yeah whatthe. I remember that.

  • Roctuna

    Good on Delta although they’re still my second-most despised airline just barely ahead of American

    • anothertoothpick

      Todays airlines are nothing but cattle cars in the sky

      No pride in what they do, just get the cattle on the ground and count the money.

  • nola878

    And we were accused of being Obama worshipers?

    ps…angry before he won, angry after he won…how much more angry will they get when they find out he ain’t keeping not one of his promises?

    • whatthe46

      like this one. you get what you pay for:

      • anothertoothpick

        That “bring back coal” thing is going to haunt pumpkin head.

        It is the free market that is killing coal.

        And Mitch McConnel admitted it.

        • whatthe46

          of course. but, these asshats didn’t care to hear about facts. every person that voted for tRump did so knowing he lies, it was his racism that won the day. even if it meant they could end up dead in the end.

          • anothertoothpick

            And the funny thing was that Clinton actually had a plan to help the minors get training and money to help them.

            pumpkin heads plan did not include that.

            hahahahahahhaha they are FOOOOOOOLS.

            • whatthe46

              i wouldn’t care if they cough up dog sh!t they deserve it.

          • Larry Schmitt

            I don’t think they do know he lies, since they never do any research. Whatever he says, is fine with them.

    • anothertoothpick

      pumpkin head turned over the the rock that these assholes where hidden under.

    • granpa.usthai

      well, I guess they’re really going to get pissed when they find out trump’s administration is going in cahoots with the UN on disarming private citizens.

  • Larry Schmitt

    What a despicable person.

    • Red Mann

      A real Deplorable.

  • Budda

    TSA should ban this dork from flying any and all airlines. Too disruptive at 37,000 feet.

    • whatthe46

      thank you. they ban people with “Muslim” names or at best take them through hell to prove they are safe to travel.

  • Suzanne McFly

    Ahhh, my friend Karma comes back in to the news :)

    • whatthe46

      tRump rape case back on. the judge set a hearing for Dec. 18th because of death threats she received that caused her to drop it.

      • Suzanne McFly

        You better not be messing with me whatthe, I know where you hang out!!!! lol.

        • whatthe46
          • Suzanne McFly

            Ugh, I hate the idea of celebrating that story. I hope that woman is getting the help she needs and I hope this completely destroys trump.

            • whatthe46

              well, i don’t think it’s so much celebrating the story as it is celebrating that she will finally get her day in court. it’s all she wanted.

              • Suzanne McFly

                I know, I just didn’t want to claim it was good news to hear. I am glad the woman will get her day in court, and I hope she has good people around her to deal with everything that she will have coming at her.

        • whatthe46

          they better not be lying to me either.

  • Jack E Raynbeau
    • whatthe46

      i hope he loses his job, there were many calls.

  • Lyndia

    Well, I am glad he will not be able to use this airline again, but others should be on the look out for this idiot, also.

    • whatthe46

      fk Delta. this is the 3rd incident where they catered to racism and tRump supporters. they want us to believe that none of their employees heard what was going on and that’s why no one did anything about it. b.s. 2 black female doctors on board were trying to help a someone in need of emergency medical assistance and volunteered when asked by the stewardess if there was a doctor on board, and they refused their help because they were black women, and we all know black women are not capable of education to the point of becoming doctors.