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Kellyanne Conway’s sinister suggestion on CNN’s State of the Union this morning seems like something that needs greater scrutiny during Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. During a conversation with Dana Bash, Conway made it plain that if Clinton wasn’t going to play nice with regard to the recount, that prosecuting her for imagined email crimes might…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • whatthe46

    i give ’em this, they sure know what to say to his ignorant supporters. ROTFLMFAO!

  • Snick1946

    She needs to go. There is a class of political operative that is effective at winning elections and another at administrating. She clearly is not the latter. She is starting to act like she is the President elect.

  • Foundryman

    And I bet she doesn’t think she epitomizes a basket case deplorable does she?

  • nola878

    Can you say Banana Republic Kellyanne? Sure you can.

  • Warman1138

    One step closer to Stalin’s America.

  • Ned Nutley

    Had to look away from the screen again because I saw miss frogface.

  • arc99

    When the executive branch of the government exercises prosecutorial discretion based not on magnitude of the crime, or guilt or innocence of the crime but based on whether a citizen insists on exercising their lawful rights as an individual and as a political candidate, how is that not grounds for an article of impeachment?

  • Jungle_Bhoy

    ‘who knows where the evidence may lead…..’ why you do Kellyanneat least if you ask your husband George T Conway 3rd – better known as Paula Jones’ lawyer and advisor in her lawsuit against Bill Clinton. Ooops – is there a news blackout on that linkage too??

  • Bunya

    It doesn’t matter. If Trump would’ve lost the election, he would’ve had the SCOTUS appoint him king, like they did with Dubya back in 2000. This is how the GOP operates to get what they want.

  • No way out

    She’s as illiterate about separation of powers as he is. What a dork.

  • amersham1046

    Promises Promises–
    (with an apology to Jerry Orbach)

  • liberalMD

    The underlying message resonates loud and clear: Disagree with the Trump administration/government and you will go to jail or prison.

    As much as America despised Nikita Khrushchev’s Russia sixty years ago, it is trying to emulate it today.

  • The Original Just Me

    Conway is wanting Hillary for a Cell Mate. Trump wasn’t the only one turned on by Hillary at the Debates. Chair Humping !!!