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Kellyanne Conway appears to have gone rogue in her weekend bashing of Mitt Romney.

…sources tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Trump was livid about the move.

“Two sources at the top of the Trump transition team confirm for MSNBC that they spoke to the president-elect today and that Donald Trump was ‘furious’ at Kellyanne Conway’s comments on Sunday suggesting Trump betrayed his supporters by even considering Mitt Romney for a position in his cabinet,” read off host Mika Brzezinski Monday.

After Donald Trump campaign manager and future White House official Kellyanne Conway seemingly went off the reservation and began criticizing her boss’ decision to meet with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, sources tells MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Trump was livid about the move.

“’Kellyanne went rogue at Donald Trump’s expense at the worst possible time,’ a source familiar with Trump’s thinking said. Trump’s top aide said they were ‘baffled’ by Conway’s comments and suggested that it feeds into a growing concern inside the campaign that ‘instead of driving Donald Trump’s message she’s pushing her own agenda,’” she continued,

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  • mea_mark

    ” … ‘instead of driving Donald Trump’s message she’s pushing her own agenda,’” ” — When you have a cesspit government and you fill it with swamp creatures, what do you really expect? Those that lurk in the swamp usually have their own agenda and are just out for themselves. The #Derp45 presidency is going to be a classic example of what is bad. I hope it is very short and the people demand it’s end quickly.

  • Budda

    KellyAnn has her own agenda? Say it isn’t so! Really this isn’t surprising at all. I think she believed she could control him and put forth an alt-right government.

    My fantasy is to see her and Coulter in a cat fight.

    • whatthe46

      if it were on pay-per-view, i’d reorder cable and pay the 50 bucks for that show. record it then get rid of cable.

    • oldfart

      …In a chocolate pudding filled wading pool !

      • fahvel

        no, rancid olive oil with crushed pieces of garlic is much closer to what these two deserve.

        • oldfart

          Those two bloodsuckers would erupt into flame…Much too quickly.

  • Donnie’s brain rust: Conway said. “You have people saying, ‘Hey, my parents died penniless but I gave $216 to Donald Trump’s campaign and I would feel betrayed (by Romney as SoS).’”

    Why are trump drones so stuck on FNC & Hannity for FoxNews’ Rudy Giuliani as SoS?

    Really? Who did Mayor Rudy keep safe, exactly? Giuliani became an expert on terrorism after 9/11/01. If that is his qualification for being secretary of state, he needs to get in line. He hasn’t been in training to be a diplomat since that time, just a fundraiser.

  • arc99

    You’re fired!

  • oldfart

    Kellyanne may be coming to the realization that
    she’s surrounded by a wild pack of misogynists…

    • whatthe46

      i think she’s a trans, so there’s that.

      • oldfart

        That would most certainly make a pay per view
        MUCH more interesting then ! ;)

  • Dusty Roads

    Romney just proved he is a hypocrite! His word is not worth listening to! Trump knows this! Why is he betraying the American people and choosing Romney as sos?

    • whatthe46

      every single repuke that supports this asshat is betraying the American people. why would this be any different.

  • fahvel

    how loud will her shrieks be while flying out of the 63rd floor apt od dipsht?

  • Suzanne McFly

    I call BS. Kellyanne went on multiple shows saying this, why didn’t he call her on the first one and tell her to stop? I believe rump loves drama and he insists on causing it, he would be the first to throw his own mother under the train if it will cause some sort of turmoil.