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Donald Trump’s win was neither a landslide nor a mandate.

Nate Silver took a look at exactly how “historic” Donald Trump‘s landslide was today after Kellyanne Conway tweeted this earlier tonight:

In a post on FiveThirtyEight, Silver breaks down every single electoral college result in U.S. presidential history, saying, “In a historical context, Trump’s Electoral College performance is decidedly below-average. So it’s a bit Orwellian to call it a ‘landslide’ or a ‘blowout.’”

In the list of 54, as Silver notes, Trump is at 44. For reference, President Obama is at both 30 and 35 (for 2008 and 2012 respectively). But Trump is ahead of the last Republican president, George W. Bush, who’s at 52 for 2000 and 50 for ’04.

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  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Sadly, the Trump authoritarian regime is only going to ramp up their nativist propaganda.
    It’s like ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Idiocracy’ melded together as MSM grovels for ratings.
    This is history in the making and it’s not going to be anything to be proud about.

  • Buford2k11

    this is a bad dream, right? RIGHT? what does it all mean? what is the meaning of Life? why? why? oh why? a quote from my new book…”Am I Dreaming? or Quotes From Induced Delirium”…

  • StoneyCurtisll

    No one expects theses people to tell the truth…

  • Suzanne McFly

    The first person that says rump has a mandate will be knocked the eff out.

  • Red Eye Robot

    Trump has a mandate, With all due respect to nate silver, Hes full of crap. After getting it wrong in the primaries, (which silver admitted was because of his own bias’ and dependence on popular wisdom) he then went on to get it wrong in the general election believing the same popular wisdom that caused him to completely get it wrong in the primary. Trump turned 4 states that hadn’t voted Republican since 88. He quite literally ran the table. As for Obama being ranked higher, Obama won for the same reason Bush 43 did. He ran against 2 of the most impotent candidates the GOP has run EVER. Hillary had the media predicting her inevitable landslide showing her 10 points ahead in the polls when they all knew it wasn’t true. What happened to Hillary’s landslide? Nate Silver is trying to salvage his credibility.

    • Randy Hiner

      You can add “mandate” to your feel-good weasel words, along with “patriot”, “liberty”, and “freedom”. He has no mandate, and none of you have anything in common with the rest of the words

    • bpollen

      You don’t know the meaning of “mandate.” You can’t call it a mandate getting fewer votes. Remember, this mandate that you refer to would be given by the voters. If you get FEWER votes, you don’t have a mandate.

      But don’t let reality burst your little bubble of Trollsylvania.

      • Red Eye Robot

        Who was elected president again? Oh wait, theats right Trump, Which party controls both houses of congress? That’s right, The GOP.
        Thats how you spell mandate.

        • oldfart

          THAT’S how you spell that’s
          C’mon dude use the spellchecker.

        • bpollen

          Let’s see… Who won the popular vote for President? Democrats. Who won the popular votes for Senate? Democrats. Who GAINED seats in Congress? Democrats.

          Who USED to have more seats in the Senate but LOST seats in this election? Republicans. Who got FEWER votes for both Senate and Pres? Republicans.

          That’s NOT how you spell mandate. Republicans did WORSE than in the last election based on votes and seats gained. They HAD both branches of Congress and LOST seats in the Senate. Doing WORSE is a mandate? You obviously are rather tenuous in your understanding of English, Pinkie.

    • No way out

      Red Eye…get some sleep

    • oldfart

      “A majority is defined as 50% +1 vote. ”
      Your words not mine…
      BTW, tRump’s not even close to 50.
      “A mandate my azz”…”a majority of Americans my azz…
      “more Americans prefer” my azz.
      Here’s a question for you, What does GREAT mean ?
      He’s not even in office yet and is now claiming credit for the stock market,
      Unemployment numbers etc etc.
      Any bets on him claiming credit getting ISIS out of Mosul ?
      After Jan. 20th the next American casualty is all on HIM.

  • As the Donnie grunts, which is more Bigly?
    A: HRC 48.1% of USA’s votes 64,469,963!
    tiny hands 46.5% of votes prerecount totals America via 62,379,366 doesn’t measure up.

  • fedupmd

    What would you expect from Silver. He’s in the wilderness for the next eight years.