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Sarah Kendzior has a pretty extensive CV which qualifies her to pontificate on the fascist nature of the incoming Trump administration, which has been lowering the already low expectations for what he’ll achieve as president. Qualified and informed people are a threat to Donald Trump, and there’s already evidence of a crackdown on the free press.…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Budda

    The media needs to stand up and do their job. They’ve become a bunch of entertainers/celebrities instead of journalists.

  • mea_mark

    It won’t work if the people don’t cooperate. If #Derp45 actually takes office it might be time to call for a general strike in all sectors by all people that don’t like the direction our government is going. This is how leaders like him get disposed, we shut down all avenues of profit for the bastard and make his life as miserable as possible. It’s actually pretty easy to have a coup, if the people in general are for it. The fourth branch of government, the people on the streets, is actually the most powerful branch, when they are united and cooperating. It is our government and country, not the orange one’s. Our leaders rule because we allow them to and we cooperate with them. Take that away and the house of cards they are living in will collapse.

    • fahvel


  • oldfart

    ” You do not deserve what is going to happen to you,”

    Oh yes they do.

    Without a cold and brutal slap of betrayal in their face, all the years of brainwashing, hatred, fear and mistrust of “ALL things Government” will not be overridden easily.
    One question, Do they understand the reality and gravity of it all ?
    And perhaps most importantly, do they even care ?

    • fahvel

      agree!!! Those fools and gluttons and monied slime deserve every and anything that comes their way including the stuff apes toss at passer bys at the zoo.

  • Ned Nutley

    The working class voters and the rust belt voters will come to realize they’ve been trumped, they think the party of the 1% will make things better for them? LOL
    they will be sorry for not voting Democratic.