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It’s not  obvious to the casual observer, but words have histories, and Breitbart knows this.

Breitbart News’ Twitter account used anti-Semitic rhetoric, commonly used in 1930’s Nazi propaganda, to attack philanthropist George Soros’ efforts to combat voter suppression laws. The anti-Semitic attack is in keeping with a troubling pattern of anti-Semitism from Breitbart, which President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon formerly ran and has bragged is home to the “alt-right,” a racist white nationalist movement.

Linking to a “flashback” story about Soros’ financial role supporting “legal battles against state voting laws,” the Breitbart Twitter account tweeted on November 28, “Like an octopus.”

The “octopus” wording is overt anti-Semitic rhetoric dating back to at least the 1930s, when it was a common theme in Nazi propaganda. The imagery of a Jewish octopus engulfing the globe or ensnaring political institutions can be found on other white supremacist and neo-Nazi online forums, as well as on Fox News’ airwaves.

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  • Buford2k11

    we are going to have to fight fire with fire…this is really getting out of hand…I am not afraid of the Trumpers, I am disgusted with them…I am carefully going to some of my “republican” friends, and trying to sort out what just happened…I am now more confident that I really don’t have to pack my weapon to town any longer…the folks who have been threatening other folks have gone away…they were not welcomed here…My town has been changing, slowly into a Blue Town…Yet we still have our “Trumper die hards” who won’t let it go…but they are mostly harmless…the point is…we/I need to continue to face them, confront them on the truth…most of these folks believe the lies of Trump…I am asking them, what do you intend to do, when you don’t have your SSI? or Medicare? What are you going to do about surviving the institutional deaths of our government? they only care about “shaking things up in DC”…that is what TERRORIZES me…their mindless beliefs in the gop and trump…

  • Bunya

    It’s interesting Breitbart attacks Soros, while at the same time ignoring the biggest octopuses in the world, like Koch Industries.