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That’s a 1.7% margin. This means the national polls were correct.


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By: Alan

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  • Buford2k11

    a lot of good this is gonna do for us…Trump will never accept it…and the gop will ignore it and rule as if they had a mandate…Civil disobedience clearly seems to be our path for the next two years…and if we are not successful, then the 2020 election will be another futile effort to unseat the dictator…

    • William

      I’m pretty sure civil disobedience will be unnecessary. Clown-stick Von F*ckface will likely impeach himself. He has some 75 lawsuits pending, a dozen women waiting to sue him for sexual assault, an inability to untangle himself from foreign business ties, and a cabinet appointment process in turmoil. There are still a lot of “Never Trump” republicans out there, and more people voted for Clinton than Cheeto-Hitler, so he starts out with upside down approval ratings. He likely has not grappled with the fact that he can no longer buy his way out of criminal activity by writing a check. That will likely be his undoing. The best thing to do is make some popcorn and watch the Goobers descend upon their monster with torches and pitchforks when they suddenly realize Frankentrump can’t build a wall or make brown people go away.

      • Deplorable Skrillex

        neither party can survive without the Deplorables. There will be no impeachment

  • Foundryman

    The problem is obvious, the republicans have a massive machine that includes a 24 hour tv network, dozens of talk radio propagandists, courts mandated by litmus tests, fundamental religious fanatics preaching every sunday about “the liberals” and very paranoid brainwashed supporters who are fearful of everything different from themselves. Plus, they are practically 100% committed to anything their ‘leaders’ say and do no matter how careless and fact free it is. Case on point, Donald J Trump! They actually think the debt is a problem, abortion kills babies, blacks live in hell, muslims will kill you on sight. They call social security and medicare an entitlement, they’re not, they are earned benefits managed by the government precisely to keep greedy private hands from raiding it. They want more tax cuts for the rich and the elimination of all safety nets which keeps millions of Americans from living like third world peasants.

    Clintons lead means nothing, what matters is how will the Democrats find a way to fight back and begin to convince people that killing people isn’t the answer.

    • Bunya

      I doubt the Democrats will ever fight back until we can figure out how trump got elected and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Deplorable Skrillex

    After further review, Crooked Hillary still lost

  • Jimmy Fleck

    Seems every time I check the election results they look the same – Trump 306 to Clinton 232.