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Larry Klayman is a singularly obsessed Clinton hater. He’s also a guy with a law degree, but his lawyering skills are so bizarre he was actually removed as Executive Director of Judicial Watch and replaced with Tom Fitton, who was responsible for shoveling the Clinton email story all over the media during the election. Now that…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Duke Woolworth

    Hate has aged this guy by 10-15 years. Adios, sweetie.

  • bpollen

    Hey, Larry, do you know Orly Taitz? All the shadchans I have spoken to about it say you guys are a match made in… let’s say heaven.

  • Bunya

    I thought KKKlayman died a few years back. Just wishful thinking, I guess.